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Waste Management



Handling Your Waste:

When New Earth Waste Solutions takes over your waste management, what we do is offer a service that brings your company the peace of mind that your waste is being handled according to law. It also takes the stress and responsibility off your shoulders that comes with the establishment of creating environmental awareness. Our aim at New Earth Waste Solutions is to empower companies in their responsibility towards minimizing waste that goes to landfill. We are also always on the lookout for the latest developments and trends when it comes to recycling solutions.


The Waste Management Service provides us to be active in our management services that we offer your company. What your company receives is an active supervisor that visits your site to make sure that all is running according to both your company’s as well as our company’s stipulations. The supervisor is your GO 2 Guy, between your company, the sorter and our company. The supervisor also handles human resource queries and issues, should they arise.


You will also get a number sorters to your need to keep your waste areas neat and tidy.


Recycling Station:

Your recycling station will comprise of 1 ton bags which are kept neat as they are placed into metal frames. As these bags get full they are rotated with empty bags which are delivered to you when our vehicle comes for the upliftment of the full bags.


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Once a complete site inspection has been done, we can establish what your total recycling products are of your waste in the bins are comprised of recyclables, therefore, having us on your site sorting the waste will minimize your cost of the bins which goes to landfill. Your company receives a rebate on your recyclables which lowers the total cost of what you would pay (this is run on an amortizing system).

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(The Site Supervisor, Sorters and One of a kind Tracking Software.)