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Our software is at the heart of our Business and one of the Key Functions of it.

It is a One of a kind Tracking And Tracing Software giving the clients a world of benefits like:

  • 24/7  Live internet Based Software
  • Variance Reporting options to fit your needs.
  • Serial Number, weight and quantity tracking.
  • You are in Control and know what is uplifted anywhere and anytime of day.


It allows you to be fully in control of the waste disposal cycle from cradle (when it leaves your site) to grave (when it is disposed of and or recycled). It is Certified to comply with auditing standards, which means that if your company is audited at any stage, the auditors can go onto the software and see that your company is being responsible for the disposal of your waste. It allows that the management and upliftment process of your waste is done in a professional manner. Our software is also constantly being upgraded as our clients’ needs and requirements change.

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Phone Marnus Van Graan for any further questions. 061-230-9075