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Introduction To IT Equipment Recycling Services

New Earth is in partnership with a global electronics recycling company, specialising in the recycling and recovery of IT, telecom and consumer electronic equipment.

New Earth
  • New Earth was granted a Waste Excemption Licence by the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment (GDACE). License number: GAUT 002/05-06/0054
  • Also awarded the following Accreditation by SAI Global –Environmental Management ISO 14001:2004
Site Capabilities Include
  • Waste Licenced collection of equipment.
  • Triage – Disassembly of completely redundant equipment to base material level.
  • Detoxification – Removal of hazardous substances (batteries, LCD, etc).
  • Segregation, identification and evaluation of base materials.
  • Destruction – shredding of Intellectual Property (Hard Drives, IC’s, etc).
  • Reporting and tracking of waste via our bespoke electronic waste tracking system.
  • Local issue of Recycling Reports and Certificates of Destruction to clients.
  • Local recycling of hazardous waste and non-value base materials (Fe Metal, wood, etc).
  • Precious metal bearing scrap shipped to state-of-the-art refining facility for recovery of Fe, non-Fe metals and fibre, etc.
New Earth - Site Security
  • We have installed state-of-the-art CCTV system – 24 hour coverage.
  • The system is complemented by an Intruder Alarm System.
  • External CCTV covering the perimeter of the facility.
  • Internal CCTV in Disassembly, Segregation and Warehouse areas with 360° coverage.
  • Offices, Warehouse and Segregation Areas all fitted with wide angle passive infrared movement detectors.
  • Shutter and fire exit doors fitted with surface magnetic read contacts.
  • Alarms System is operated by an ADT 4250 Main Operated Control Unit, utilising audio and zone tracking techniques, in conjunction with an Internal Modem Communicator with listen-in facilities.
  • Site monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by CMS.
Information On Scrap IT Equipment
  • For this introduction it has been assumed that scrap e-waste equipment will become available regularly from            “customer”:
  • Address:
  •  To be supplied by the customer.
  • We can confirm that we are able to collect loose equipment from this and any other required location in Africa.
  • We expect that many different equipment streams are generated.  These can vary from IT equipment – such as PC base units, monitors and printers to networking equipment, IT peripherals, servers, UPS, etc.  New Earth can confirm that we are capable of managing the recycling of all surplus IT, telecom and consumer equipment that “customer” generates.
  • In order to provide full trace-ability, a Breakdown Report would be provided, containing weights and serial number information (if required) for each material stream received per load as well as a financial summary.
  • A Certificate of Destruction and Certificate of compliance would also be provided per load.
Collection Of End Of Life IT Equipment
  • Collections would be carried out using Licenced Waste Carriers.
  • We propose using Waste Consignment Notes per collection.  A Consignment Note must accompany every movement of Special Waste.
Management Of End Of Life IT Equipment - Tracking System
  • To further enhance the professionalism and quality of service available to each Client, we have developed a bespoke, comprehensive software package for the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • The system provides rigorous tracking of material to demonstrate compliance with legislation, provide accurate and detailed financial accounting for all material transactions and demonstrate environmental performance.
  • Our system is unsurpassed in it’s ability to track material from the point of receipt to it’s final disposal.
  • Certification and reporting is controlled through the system.
  • Over a secure network clients are allocated a User ID and Password allowing remote access 24/7.  This capability allows clients the opportunity to view current and historical data on their particular loads.
Process Flow Chart - Customer End Of Life IT Equipment


  • Reports that New Earth can issue to Clients are as follows:

Data Destruction Report
Recycled Fractions Report
Load Breakdown Report

  • Through the Recycled Fractions Report, we can provide information on end recycling and recovery proportions.  This information can be used to illustrate compliance to the South African waste legislation, such as the WEEE Directive and NEMA.  The current target for recycling and recovery of WEEE Directive Category 3 equipment (IT & telecom) is 65% recycling, 75% total recovery.  New Earth can achieve and illustrate recycling and recovery rates well in excess of these targets.
  • Through our tracking system, we can report as and when required.  If the “customer” prefers, we can report per load, or we can report over a time period such as per Quarter year.
  • Within our Load Breakdown Report, we can provide a detailed inventory listing of all equipment received.  We can provide information per unit received on Hardware Type, Manufacturer, Specification, Serial Number and whether it was remarketed or fully recycled as redundant equipment, if required by the customer.