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General Waste

When we say general waste we mean exactly that. Your general waste that you throw away every day. Your office and home trash.

Just ask Your self this:

  • Do you ever see what illegal dumpsites look Like?
  • Do you know for a fact the people you deal with isn’t taking it to one of these sites?
  • Do you have peace in your heart that if an audit should arise all your ducks are in a row?




Cause with New Earth we can guarantee and prove that your waste is removed by a waste registered and eco-friendly company to be placed at a legal registered Dumpsite. We won’t leave you to the wolves. We will also provide the waste destruction certificates and daily/ weekly or monthly reporting.


General waste Skips is categorized into two main categories namely Compactable Waste and Non-Compactable Waste


  • Compactable Waste

Compactable waste is simply anything you can think of that can be compacted, Like Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Cans, Food and so on. Compactble waste is uplifted via a truck that comes and tips the waste into the compactor.

  • Non Compacteable Waste

Non Compactable waste is the waste that cannot be uplifted with a compactable truck is it cannot be compacted. These items are things like, Wood, Concrete, Bricks, Cement, Thick Metals, Tiles and so on.

Compactable and Non Compactable Waste Bins are avalible in all sort of sizes to fit your need and waste accumulation rate. It can be 6m³, 11m³, 35m³ and so on.