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Eco Kaya

Johan van Graan (Managing Director of New Earth Waste Solutions) really wanted to do more to give back to the community and started doing research on what the critical problems in South Africa currently are and came to the conclusion of two of the biggest problems:


The percentage increase in the unemployment rate as well as the families living in informal housing.

“We are already focused on job creation but we have to do more” was the mindset of Johan Van Graan so his focus was on finding a solution to take waste and creating someone a home. After months of extensive further research and testing in 2014 New Earth Waste Solutions became the proud owner of a inert environmentally safe product where waste is taken and placed through a process that replaces a cement mixture. Ekuruleni knew about our unique product and approached us asking if we can build a full daycare centre with a single room house after it burned down in the informal settlement in Kempton Park.

We approached to a company called “Bottleworx” to get a product which will replace a brick and came up with a inert environmentally safe product.  We also got Hoerskool Kempton Park involved to help give back to the community.



We Gladly Assisted and it was then when we experienced the true power of helping others. The house was built in one day and New Earth Waste Solutions handed the key of the first ECO-Kaya over to the Principle who runs the daycare Centre and to date the structure made of only recycled products is still standing strong. That is what we aim to do, take Informal Settlements and give them a reliable, strong structure that previously disadvantaged can call it their home.



New Earth Waste Solutions is aiming to get a fully mobile home ready for production by the middle of 2017, and start going out to Informal Settlements and giving the previously disadvantaged brand new homes.



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