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About Us

New Earth Waste Solutions ( NEWS ) is an ISO 14001–certified , specialist e-waste recycling company. Launched in 2008 in response to the need for specialist service in the waste sector, NEWS developed a recycling system based on the requirement s of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) as well as the customized needs of each client.

Electronic waste is a growing problem in South Africa.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of e-waste require safe and traceable destruction and recycling each year. Typically , much of this is done under the radar and often in contravention of environmental legislation although many corporations are unaware of these practices. Typical toxins and contaminants like mercury , lead , beryllium , cadmium ,arsenic and other heavy metals are released into our environment by waste scavengers who buy up auctioned lots of defunct electronic equipment. After stripping what immediate value is obtainable, the bulk of the remaining waste is dumped in landfill and illegal e -waste dump sites.

In the case of printers , copiers and any other electronic device removed from the retail market whether new or out of date , NEWS provides absolute assurance that these goods will be completely destroyed and recycled and not resold as grey goods . Our software, which a 24 hour , real-time , web-based system enables our clients to monitor every aspect of the collection , destruction and recycling of their goods .It is our clients’ watchdog over all our handling of any goods they give us for destruction or recyclingIf, for security reasons, some clients require hard drives to be destroyed we do this manually by taking the drive apart and fragmenting the information platter. We also provide video of this if required.

Business Model:


Our Business model operates broadly with the framework three fundamental principles:

1: Environmental Compliance:
Environmental compliance refers to our ability to provide auditable and track-able recycling procedures through our software.
2: Wealth Creation:
As a business concern we are committed to finding the most efficient ,resourceful and compliant methods of extracting value from the total range of e-waste products we receive.
3: Job Creation
Pre-Processing Factory

NEWS recycles waste for many of South Africa’s blue chip companies in the Communications and IT sector , the banking and mining sector as well as a broad cross – section of general industries.Recently , NEWS has expanded its waste solutions offering to incorporate general waste including plastic, paper , ink and oil. We are also open to finding solutions for any other products which require environmental recycling.

Finally , NEWS is a 34% black owned company (51% black woman owned ) We have a level 2 BEE rating . All the shares of all the shareholders are held directly by them. There are no special purpose vehicles nor are any of the shares encumbered by any pledges or cessions. All the shareholders are operational in the business and add value through their various skills and expertise.